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Residential Care

Innovative 4-in-1 safety and wellness solution for residential care homes


Allows you to differentiate your care offer with value-added services and improved safety features
Helps you implement unobtrusive but effective security and infection control policies
Increases efficiency by giving staff greater visibility of the care operation and improving response times
Delivers quick return on invest through easy-to-implement wireless technology
Two circular images - old man smiling, and young woman with counsellor.Two circular images - old man smiling, and young woman with counsellor.

Keep residents safe with our budget-friendly, easy-to-implement system

Simple icon to illustrate nurse call and fall detection. Image of nurse.
Nurse call and fall detection
Simple icon to illustrate access control. Person entering doorway.
Access control
Simple icon to illustrate vulnerable people. Person using walking stick.
Wander management
Simple icon to illustrate infection control. Person wearing mask.
Infection control


Simple, easy-to-use, touch-button wearable
Automatic fall detection and alerting
Help exactly where needed, when needed
Real-time location information on and off premises


Proximity to and loitering near exit alerts
Door-open and egress alerts
GPS mode for off-site tracking
Optional 2-way communication


No touch access, unlocks doors on approach
Detailed access history
Option to open doors automatically


Contact tracing
Define and enforce quarantine zones
Monitor staff handwashing

About the solution

The Rythmos® solution addresses FOUR common residential care home management issues using a single wearable and innovative wireless technology:


Allows residents to summon help if they have a fall or medical emergency, or for the system to detect a fall automatically and raise an alert, and importantly for first responders to be able to locate the resident quickly.


Helps staff monitor exit points and allows them to establish a resident’s whereabouts even if they leave the care home grounds. Optionally allows for 2-way communication with the resident if they need help.


Allows you to implement basic security around the care home in terms of who can open which doors. Allows for a policy-based approach where staff have more access than residents, for example, in relation to exit doors, staff rooms, or rooms where drugs are kept. It can also stop residents entering each other’s rooms.


Helps with infection control by enabling geo-fencing (virtual zones) to define and enforce quarantine areas, and allows staff to quickly identify recent close contacts of residents who become ill.

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Two circular images - display of Rythmos equipment and back view of old lady with walking frame.
Two circular images - display of Rythmos equipment and back view of old lady with walking frame.

Our Partners

The Rythmos® name and logo are registered trademarks of Intrex, Inc. Product photography is courtesy of Intrex, Inc. All rights reserved. Rythmos® is marketed and sold under license in the UK by Oxspring Network Solutions Limited under our tagscout brand.
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